Monday, January 01, 2007


It was the same time last year when Ronnie began writing Inang Yaya and now the curtains have been drawn. It was a year of hard work and countless sleepness nights. We began principal photography on May 1, Labor Day and ended June 12, Independence Day. IY’s first day, November 29 was threatened by a super typhoon and its last screening was a day before Christmas.

We will always be thankful to Mr. Tony Gloria, Ms. Maricel Soriano and Mr. Wyngard Tracy for sharing their wisdom and resources with us.

We had the most efficient staff and crew that made our 17 days of shoot smooth sailing.

IY’s definitive high definition video to film cinema print quality could never be achieved without the facilities and technical support provided by Unitel, Engine Room and Opticolors. Our special thanks to Marilen Magsaysay for defining the colors of Inang Yaya - the torqouise blue skies, golden green bucollic landscapes of Ruby versus the candy-colored environment of Louise. Special thanks to Editor Randy Gabriel for his patience, sensitive as well as hilarious editorial insights. Engine Room’s Post Producer Nolan Estacio as well as post personnel Winston, Claire, Kim, Jogs, Ayie, facility engineers: Ruben and Steve; Optima’s Marc Ambat and company ;AudioMedia’s Angie Reyes for sharing their time and effort in IY’s extensive post requirements.

Of course, a lot have been said and written about the excellent performances of IY actors - the brilliant and masterful rendition of Norma by Maricel Soriano. It is a privilege to see her perform on the set and a pleasure to be with her off-camera. The sensitive portrayal of Lola Toots by Liza Lorena and the vivid and colorful characters of Ruby and Louise performed by child prodigies- Tala Santos and Erika Oreta.

Our memorable mean girls Alexa and Margarita played by Julia Centenera-Buencamino and Erika Dehesa. Even our supporting cast: Marita Zobel, Sunshine Cruz, Zoren Legaspi, Matthew Mendoza, Kalila Aguilos, Roence Santos, Soliman Cruz and Next aptly contributed their share in IY’s solid ensemble.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Noemi Peji, our Line Producer for her undying support and presence throughout the project. Our ever efficient Production Manager cum Location Manager Marijo Claour for her charismatic handling of generous homeowners of our wonderful locations in Morong, Rizal and BF Homes, QC.. Cinematographer Gary Gardoce, Production Designer Reji Regalado(with Abbyjam and Tess) and gaffer Jeff Baltazar for defining the visual mood and tone of IY and for being so patient and cooperative in joining us in pre-prod photo boarding.

For the much needed nourishment to last 17 days of shoot, our sincerest thanks to Manay Femy Cadag and her Wrap ‘n Move catering staff.

To Ms. Tessa Jasmines and staff, Maila de Castro,Marivic Fajardo and Unitel Pictures Promo and Marketing and Rocketship for doing everything possible to spread IY’s word.

And finally to all our families and friends, Mama Bec, Mr. James Cooper, Visayan Forum and the Maricelians who have supported us all the way! Thank you for making Inang Yaya a worthwhile and unforgettable experience.

As a New Year treat for everyone, here is one of the highlights of Inang Yaya. It is one of our favorite scenes from the movie. It was shot on the hottest and most hectic shooting day for the movie. In was shot in Morong, in Manuel Salaza’s picturesque mango plantation. The house on the farther end of the bridge is Claudine’s house in Star Cinema’s Sukob. At that time we were’nt sure if Direk Chito used the bridge for the movie. Nobody cared anyway because we really wanted the ‘iwanan’ scene on that bamboo bridge. We were blessed with 4 solid hours of glorious sunlight, 2 cameras, a crane, a camera jib, a Steadicam plus one of the most unforgettable performances by Tala Santos and Maricel Soriano and the rest is history.


Anonymous said...

thanks direk for giving us INANG YAYA!
this is another bravura performance from miss maricel soriano. the scene alone is enough to merit her the much delayed grandslam best actress award!

clarisse clarissa said...

hope direk you casn upload this video so that the rest of us who are out of the country can have a preview of what is an inang yaya movie experience like.
your cinematography is superb by the SHOULD direct more films..the philippines need you to make us proud as filipinos that we have sensible cinema back home.

Panyang said...

Happy New Year Mr. Pablo Biglang--awa and Ms. Veronica Velasco! I hope that you would collaborate with Ms. Maricel Soriano again in a movie as worthy as "Inang Yaya" . If I may suggest, Maricel did an episode in her drama show before entitled "Saklay". I believe that's the very episode sent to Asian Television Awards that gave her the 1st Runner Up recognition for Best Drama Actress in the said body. It's about this mother who's on crutches and her young son she forces somehow to go with foreigners/pedophiles in exchange for money. I think the setting was in Pagsanjan, Laguna.The boy dies towards the end if I'm not mistaken, and his mother realizes her mistakes and all. It was a different Maricel. She's like a kontrabida there. The boy was played by CJ Ramos who's all grown-up now. The story and the message were so beautiful it deserves a big screen version.God willing....

renz said...

Direk, wala bang update ng mga film festivals na sasalihan ng inang yaya?