Saturday, August 12, 2006

Marijo Saves The Day

The staff behind the scenes usually do not get enough credit for their blood, sweat and tears. This is a tribute to one of the most hardworking of IY's staff, our production manager, Marijo Clauor.

Marijo was one of the first to say “yes” to Inang Yaya. Once committed, her enthusiasm to see the movie through was infectious. Anything for Inang Yaya. Her determination was such that on strength of willpower alone, no obstacle was insurmountable.

While at a Q.C. subdivision, various homeowners complained the shoot was disruptive. Admittedly, their grievances were not without cause. They asked the association to revoke our permit. Undaunted, Marijo set out to beg and plead with the neighbors to give us another chance. She sent them flowers and fruit baskets, going door to door to apologize. While listening to the disgruntled homeowners, she cried. Whether for show or for real, the tears were effective. The very next day, we were granted a permit.

Numerous are the tales about Marijo. Her exploits are the stuff production legends are made of. Outlandish things seem to happen to her. Whether of her doing or she’s truly a magnet of the bizarre, she is forever welcome on our team. In a fix, it’s a guarantee… Marijo will save the day.


Anonymous said...

Ayos to, may paiyak iyak pa at effective. lol!

ike said...

Sayang, 20 years too late ata ang entry na ito, bagay na bagay sa college yearbook sana ni Marijo. 20 years nga ba o 25? hehehehehe