Saturday, July 29, 2006

Little Pro's

Those who've seen Ericka's and Tala's performances have only praise for them. Both are outstanding.

On the last shooting day, on their final sequence I was caught off guard by both girls. When they realized the shoot had ended for them, they both threw their arms around my neck and started howling. They nearly strangled me. I exaggerate not. When I could breathe again, I then understood how rich an experience Inang Yaya has become for Tala and Ericka. During the shoot, our world revolved around Louise and Ruby.

Ericka, "Louise" is Top 1 in her class. She finds romance amusing. She loves to sing. She doesn't like being told she's pretty. She bikes with training wheels. She can swim very well. She can cry on cue everytime. She's allergic to make-up so doesn't like it.

Tala, "Ruby" is into the arts. She even looks like an artist. She likes to draw but doesn't want to exhibit her drawings. She learnt how to swim and bike for the movie. Her favorite scenes are those which require her to cry. She's semi-vegetarian. She's very independent.

Ericka and Tala have brought so much of themselves into the characters of Louise and Ruby. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them. They are true little pro's.

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