Saturday, December 09, 2006

Inang Yaya going strong on its 2nd week

excerpt from Star Circuit by Ricky Calderon
Freeman Entertainment 12.08.06

Mr. Tony Gloria, the big boss of Unitel Pictures, is very pleased with the box-office results of "Inang Yaya," which is still going strong on its second week. Aside from being a critical success, "Inang Yaya" also did very well at the box-office and is being talked about as a potential awards winner in next year''s awards derbies, with Maricel Soriano being touted as the actress to beat with her fine performance.

Kudos also to the two directors, Pablo Biglang-Awa and Veronica Velasco, with a special mention to Roni for her beautiful script.

The "Inang Yaya" team had a thanksgiving party where they were congratulated by Mr. Gloria for a job well done. Incidentally, "Inang Yaya" has already been subtitled and will be shown abroad. We''re not yet sure if it would be joining international film festivals (but we believe it should). Unico Pictures, the partner of Unitel Pictures, will handle the international screenings of "Inang Yaya" and the possibility of it being marketed and shown in film festivals.

To those who still haven''t seen "Inang Yaya," do see it and marvel at the beauty of this simple film that would definitely touch your hearts and make you cry.

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