Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Endearing Louise & Ruby

The chuckles, laughter, tiny footsteps running on and off the set made each shooting day a lot lighter. Our Louise(Erika) and Ruby(Tala) are no ordinary kids. They have risen above about a hundred kids eager to share their charm and talents with us. Their task was a humongous one - to become the perfect Louise and Ruby of the IY script and to complement the quality and performance level of our star, Maricel Soriano as well as the rest of our adult cast.

They did beyond what was expected of them. There were no complaints, no whining, no major misbehaviors, no mood swings. There were indeed the perfect Louise and Ruby!

Our special thanks to Tala’s parents, Soliman Cruz and Roence Santos, great actors/mentors themselves, for helping us bring out Erika and Tala’s best performances.


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