Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Imagining LOUISE & RUBY

While scrounging around my PC hard drive for archived Inang Yaya files, I was able to find a few images I want to share with you. These were made late January this year using an old favorite 3D figure animation software. Inang Yaya was still in its early stage of production, way before the first casting call for Louise and Ruby characters.

I created them while Ronnie was fine tuning early drafts of the script. RUBY’s image was actually based on Tala Santos. I met her during her Dad’s (Soliman Cruz-Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros fame) birthday party at Penguin CafĂ©, September last year. Tala reminded me of a young Hilda Coronel. I went home that night and told Ronnie that I just met our Ruby. Louise’s image was based on Ronnie’s daughter, the original Louise. I was planning to use the figures for storyboarding but found it too tedious and we opted to do the photoboards.

It’s my visual interpretation of how LOUISE and RUBY would look after being captivated and inspired by Ronnie’s first draft of Inang Yaya.

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