Monday, July 24, 2006

How We Saw It... How It Was

It’s the director’s task to interpret the script into visuals. What is imagined is made real. For a more efficient shoot, we decided to do a photoboard. We were able to plot out the majority of the scenes using a director’s viewfinder and a mini-dv for documetation. We ourselves acted out the scenes. To stand in for the kids, we asked for volunteers. Our special thanks to Cassandra, Bettany, Monica, Andrea and Louise for being patient with us. It took us three days of going back and forth to the location to block and figure out angles. Looking back now, we weren’t that far off from how we saw it and how it was.

Scene 2:
Scene 3: Scene 8:

Scene 10 a:Scene 19:

Scene 44:

Scene 44a:

Scene 49a:

Scene 49:

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