Saturday, July 29, 2006

Marathon Editing

The past week we’ve been editing Inang Yaya. We’ve locked ourselves in Engine Room’s mini-theater and watched the movie take shape before our eyes. Together with editor, Randy Gabriel we lessened or lengthened scenes as required. Adjusting the head or tail of a take adds so much. Sometimes its that extended moment that triggers the viewers’ emotions.

When we were more or less satisfied with the edit, we did a backyard test. We called on whoever we could at the office to view it. Several scenes set off the responses we expected. We were quite surprised to have generated amused laughter on others. But when the lights went on, we weren’t prepared for the audience’s reaction. People wept.

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sojourner said...

Thanks for this info. It really made me curious and excited at the same time.

Hope you could give us an update as to when will be its final playdate!